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- introduced species or introduction, a species established by humans outside its natural range. music performers : intro (r&b group), an
- an introduced, alien, exotic, non-indigenous, or non-native species, or simply an introduction, is a species living outside its native
- scientists include species- and ecosystem factors among the mechanisms, that when combined establish invasiveness in a newly introduced
- during the first two seasons after the law was introduced, each side was permitted only one substitution during a game. moreover the
- in the godfather: part ii , the character frank pentangeli is introduced as an old friend of the family though he is not referenced in the
- however the introduced control does not always target only the intended species; it can also target native species in hawaii during the
- government twenty private members' bills per session are allowed to be introduced, with the sponsoring private members selected by a ballot
- rhesus (disambiguation) name rhesus macaque , status lc , trend unknown , status_system iucn3.1 , status_ref , image macaca mulatta in
- done until problems occur or the competitor introduces an innovation). platforms and repositioning of existing products introduced in markets.
- introduction is a ceremony in the house of lords whereby new members are 'introduced' to the existing membership. introductions in the

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