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Interpolation In*ter`po*la"tion, n. [L. interpolatio an alteration made here and there: cf. F. interpolation.] 1. The act of introducing or inserting anything, especially that which is spurious or foreign. 2. That which is introduced or inserted, especially something foreign or spurious. Bentley wrote a letter . . . . upon the scriptural glosses in our present copies of Hesychius, which he considered interpolations from a later hand. --De Quincey. 3. (Math.) The method or operation of finding from a few given terms of a series, as of numbers or observations, other intermediate terms in conformity with the law of the series.

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- in the mathematical field of numerical analysis , interpolation is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete
- interpolation in music is an abrupt change in musical elements from the main theme, interpolation (also known as replayed). in classical
- in numerical analysis , polynomial interpolation is the interpolation of a given data set by a polynomial : given some points , find a
- an interpolation, in relation to literature and especially ancient manuscript s, is an entry or passage in a text that was not written by
- linear interpolation is a method of curve fitting using linear polynomials. linear interpolation between two known points: linear
- in numerical analysis , lagrange polynomials are used for polynomial interpolation . for a given set of distinct points x_j and numbers y_
- in mathematics , the riesz–thorin theorem, often referred to as the riesz–thorin interpolation theorem or the riesz–thorin convexity theorem
- in mathematics , the marcinkiewicz interpolation theorem, discovered by. txt , authorlink józef marcinkiewicz , first józef , last
- in the context of computer animation , interpolation is inbetweening , or filling in frames between the key frames. polynomial interpolation
- nearest-neighbor interpolation one of the simpler ways of doubling its size is nearest-neighbor interpolation , replacing every pixel with

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