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Insertion In*ser"tion, n. [L. insertio: cf. F. insertion. See Insert.] 1. The act of inserting; as, the insertion of scions in stocks; the insertion of words or passages in writings. 2. The condition or mode of being inserted or attached; as, the insertion of stamens in a calyx. 3. That which is set in or inserted, especially a narrow strip of embroidered lace, muslin, or cambric. 4. (Anat.) The point or part by which a muscle or tendon is attached to the part to be moved; -- in contradistinction to its origin. Epigynous insertion (Bot.), the insertion of stamens upon the ovary. Hypogynous insertion (Bot.), insertion beneath the ovary.

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- insertion may refer to: insertion (anatomy), the point of a tendon or ligament onto the skeleton or other part of the body. insertion
- in genetics , an insertion (also called an insertion mutation) is the addition of one or more nucleotide base pair s into a dna sequence
- insertion sort is a simple sorting algorithm that builds the final sorted array (or list) one item at a time. it is much less efficient
- a migratory insertion is a type of reaction in organometallic chemistry wherein two ligand s on a metal complex combine. the insertion
- in broadcasting , local insertion is the act or capability of a broadcast television station , radio station or cable system to insert or
- in anatomy, the insertion is a point at which a muscle attaches to a bone , a tendon or the subcutaneous dermal connective tissue .
- an insertion aria (also known as interpolated aria, trunk aria, or it , aria di baule in italian) is an aria sung in an opera for which
- an insertion reaction is a chemical reaction where one chemical entity (a molecule or molecular fragment) interposes itself into an
- in the middle of a cluster; e.g. proto-germanic akraz 'field, acre' gothic akrs (syllabic /r/), but old english ęcer (insertion of vowel).
- envelopes in packaging , other uses , envelope (disambiguation)1 http://www. articlesbase. com/writing-articles/learn-about-the-history-of-

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