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Indian In"di*an (?; 277), n. 1. A native or inhabitant of India. 2. One of the aboriginal inhabitants of America; -- so called originally from the supposed identity of America with India.

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- indian or indians may refer to. people south asia : something of or from the nation of india indian people , people who are citizens of india
- 'american indians' or simply 'indians'; this term has been adopted by major newspapers and some academic groups, but does not traditionally
- (medium) , currency indian rupee () , currency_code inr ist , utc_offset +05:30 not observed , utc_offset_dst +05:30 dd-mm-yyyy (ce) ,
- the indian ocean is the third largest of the world's ocean ic divisions, covering approximately 20% of the water on the earth 's surface
- indian people or indians are people who are citizens of india , which forms a major part of south asia , containing 17.31% of the world's
- a non-resident indian (nri. (??????? ??????. prav?s? bh?rat?ya) is a citizen of india who holds an indian passport and has temporarily
- bengal indian films came to be followed throughout southern asia , the greater middle east , southeast asia , and the former soviet union .
- the indian subcontinent is a southerly region of asia , mostly situated on the indian plate and projecting southward into the indian ocean
- the british indian army, was officially named just the indian army, and was the principal army of the british raj in india before
- indian americans are citizens of the united states of indian ancestry and comprise about 3.18 million people, or about 1.0% of the u.s.

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