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Imperator Im`pe*ra"tor, n. [L. See Emperor.] (Rom. Antiq.) A commander; a leader; an emperor; -- originally an appellation of honor by which Roman soldiers saluted their general after an important victory. Subsequently the title was conferred as a recognition of great military achievements by the senate, whence it carried wiht it some special privileges. After the downfall of the Republic it was assumed by Augustus and his successors, and came to have the meaning now attached to the word emperor.

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- the latin word imperator was originally a title roughly equivalent to commander under the roman republic . later it became a part of the
- an emperor (through old french empereor from latin imperator ) is a (male) monarch , usually the sovereign ruler of an empire or another
- imperator totius hispaniae is a latin title meaning 'emperor of all spain'. 'emperor' (from latin imperator ) was used under a variety of
- ss imperator was an ocean liner built for the hamburg amerikanische packetfahrt actien gesellschaft (hapag) (hamburg america line)
- if a man was 'proclaimed emperor' this normally meant he was proclaimed augustus , or (for generals) imperator (from which english
- a man with imperium ('imperator ') had, in principle, absolute authority to apply the law within the scope of his magistracy or
- márcia imperator (born márcia maria imperator 1 march 1974) is a brazilian actress, model, tv-personality and adult actress.
- 'ave, imperator, morituri te salutant' or 'ave, cćsar, morituri te salutant' ('hail, emperor (caesar), those who are about to die salute
- imperator can refer to: imperator , a title used in the roman republic a title used in occult societies, such as amorc , confraternity of
- the emperor dragonfly or blue emperor, anax imperator, is a large species of hawker dragonfly of the family aeshnidae , averaging 78 , mm

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