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- humanae may refer to : dignitatis humanae is the second vatican council's declaration on religious freedom. humanae vitae is an encyclical
- humanae vitae (latin of human life) is an encyclical written by pope paul vi and issued on 25 july 1968. subtitled on the regulation of
- dignitatis humanae. (of the dignity of the human person. dignitatis humanae spells out the church's support for the protection of religious liberty.
- the speculum humanae salvationis or mirror of human salvation was a bestselling anonymous illustrated work of popular theology in the late
- the dignitatis humanae institute (dhi), also known as the institute for human dignity and l’istituto dignitatis humanae, is a catholic-
- humanae vitae and poland refers to the birth control controversy between the communist polish government and the roman catholic church
- the winnipeg statement is the canadian bishops ' statement on the encyclical humanae vitae from a plenary assembly held at saint boniface
- humanae vitae humanae vitae of his eight encyclicals, pope paul vi is best known for his encyclical humanae vitae (of human life, subtitled
- humani generis is a papal encyclical that pope pius xii promulgated on 12 august 1950 'concerning some false opinions threatening to
- legem terrae legem terrae , the law of the land , leges humanae nascuntur, vivunt, et moriuntur leges humanae nascuntur, vivunt, et

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