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House House, v. i. 1. To take shelter or lodging; to abide to dwell; to lodge. You shall not house with me. --Shak. 2. (Astrol.) To have a position in one of the houses. See House, n., 8. ``Where Saturn houses.' --Dryden.

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- a house is a building that functions as a home for human s or other creatures including simple dwelling s ranging from rudimentary huts
- house! is a 2000 british comedy film written by eric styles and jason sutton and directed by julian kemp. the film stars kelly
- the united states house of representatives is one of the two houses of the united states congress (a bicameral legislature ).
- house (also known as house, m.d.) is an american television medical drama that originally ran on the fox network for eight seasons, from
- house music is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the american city of chicago in the early 1980s. it was initially
- the house of commons is the lower house of the parliament of the united kingdom which, like the house of lords (the upper house ), meets
- the house of lords is the upper house of the parliament of the united kingdom . like the house of commons , it meets in the palace of
- the house of commons of canada. (chambre des communes du canada. and the senate the house of commons is a democratically elected body, whose
- the minnesota house of representatives is the lower house of the minnesota legislature . there are 134 members elected to two-year terms,
- a pub p , ? , b, formally public house (a house 'open to the public', as opposed to a private house), is a drinking establishment

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