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Honorific Hon`or*if"ic, a. [See Honor, -fy, and -ic.] Conferring honor; tending to honor. --London. Spectator.

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- an honorific title is a word or expression with connotations conveying esteem or respect when used in addressing or referring to a person
- the japanese language uses a broad array of honorific suffix es for addressing or referring to people, for example -san , as in amano-san
- the japanese language has many honorific s, parts of speech which show respect , and their use is mandatory in many social situations.
- a style of office, or honorific, is a legal, official, or recognized title a style, by tradition or law , precedes a reference to a
- in linguistics , an honorific (abbreviated hon) is a grammatical or morphosyntactic form that encodes the relative social status of the
- knight , dame , or companion of an honorific order. new knowledge worker of korea people's artist. some historical honorary titles may be
- chinese honorifics were developed due to class consciousness and confucian principles of order and respect in ancient and imperial china
- a victory title is an honorific title adopted by a successful military commander to commemorate his defeat of an enemy nation.
- unreferenced october 2011 , refimprove september 2010 , no footnotes september 2010 file:tugra mahmuds ii. gif , the tughra (stylized
- sentence and the audience. korean grammar uses an extensive system of honorific s to reflect the speaker's relationship to the subject of

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