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- the dynastic use , the song by envy & other sins , highness (song)the dynastic use , the song by simon townshend , animal soup , other uses
- the will of 'her highnes solicitor general' is dated 10 june 1566, and was probated 4 november 1566. in it he states that by a deed, dated
- and from thense to my soffrayne lord and prence the kynges majeste of skottlande upon sarten matteris i hade for to declare unto his highnes.
- and upon his entering into his highnes' lodging ther, his quarter-master generall (who was formerly acquainted with o donovane) said,
- by his highnes seruantes vsually/playing at the globe./ very delectable, and full of conceited mirth./ imprinted at london for william iones
- oliver cromwell, for 'his voluntary offer for the mainteyning of thirty foot-souldiers in his highnes army in ireland cokayne , 1903 , p 6
- .to his highnes sic the lord protector of the comonwealth sic of england, scotland, and ireland.' ; pocock, 'intro,' p. 6, note 1.
- heredycaments above the clere yerly value of ij c li are geven to the kinges highnes his heires and successours for ever , year 1535 ,
- noble styles in germany mediatized nobility : or, in case of dukes, ducal serene highnes. in case of the dukes, this has come out of use in
- having hadde charge long tyme off certeyne off the kinges highnes' buyldinges and fortifications, for as muche as itt appered he hadde

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