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- the only direct links in a hierarchy, insofar as they are hierarchical, are to one's immediate superior or to one of one's subordinates,
- a hierarchical database model is a data model in which the data is organized into a tree -like structure. the structure allows
- episcopal polity is a form of church governance that is hierarchical in structure, in which the chief authority over a local christian
- a hierarchical organization is an organizational structure where every entity in the organization , except one, is subordinate to a
- military organisation is hierarchical . the use of formalised ranks in a hierarchical structure came into widespread use with the roman
- in practice, almost all computers use a storage hierarchy , which multi-level hierarchical cache setup is also commonly used—primary
- some care is needed when choosing priors in a hierarchical model, particularly on scale variables at higher levels of the hierarchy such as
- hierarchical topology) can be viewed as a collection of star networks arranged in a hierarchy . this tree has individual peripheral nodes
- hierarchical routing is a method of routing in networks that is based on hierarchical addressing . background: two-level hierarchical routing
- jehovah's witnesses are organized in a hierarchical arrangement they call a 'theocracy ', which they believe is an earthly expression of

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