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Muraena Mu*r[ae]"na, n. [L., fr. Gr. ?.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of large eels of the family Mir[ae]nid[ae]. They differ from the common eel in lacking pectoral fins and in having the dorsal and anal fins continuous. The murry (Mur[ae]na Helen[ae]) of Southern Europe was the mur[ae]na of the Romans. It is highly valued as a food fish.

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- helena may refer to: people given name : helena (given name) helena (empress) (died 330), roman mother of emperor constantine. helena, wife of
- helena ? , h , ? , l , ? , n , ? is the capital city of the u.s. state of montana and the county seat of lewis and clark county .
- helena is the eastern portion of helena-west helena, arkansas , a city in phillips county, arkansas . as of the 2000 census , this portion
- saint helena. (? , s , e? , n , t , _ , h , ? , ? , l , i? , n , ? saynt , h? , lee , n? named after saint helena of constantinople ,
- saint helena or saint helen. (flavia iulia helena augusta; 250 330 was the consort of the roman emperor constantius chlorus and the
- princess helena (helena augusta victoria; princess christian of schleswig-holstein by marriage 25 may 1846 9 june 1923) was the third
- helena petrovna blavatsky. (?????? ????????? ???????????, ????? ???????? ??????????
- helena-west helena is the county seat of and the largest city within phillips county , arkansas , united states . cities of helena and west
- helena is a city in jefferson and shelby counties in the state of alabama . helena is considered a suburb of birmingham and part of
- helena of adiabene (???? ?????) was queen of adiabene and wife of monobaz i . with her husband she was the mother of izates ii and

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