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- the capten beinge named capten beare dwellinge in ratclyf beseides your majestie citey of london, or havinge his abbydinge in the same place.
- i would advise you to send for him agen, though not as a criminal by proofe, yet as a dangerous person, especially havinge the comand of
- entered the towne theye havinge neither garde nor scouts abroad (but secure as theye thoughte). and killed nyne of them, tooke many
- many thousandes of idle persons are within this realme, which, havinge no way to be sett on worke, be either mutinous and seeke
- sr thomas aston havinge taken the advantage of the said ground & wynde, & planted his ordnance, sett upon him' sir thomas sent a party of
- farther delay, havinge in readiness suche forces and all warlike preparations as the like was never scene in these partes of christendome.

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