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- jeshbab the scribe (or yeshbab the scribe, ???? ?????, yishvav ha-sofer) was a third generation jewish tanna sage, at the beginning of the
- shneur hasofer (?????? ?????), better known by his stage name describe (hasofer is hebrew for 'the scribe'), is an australian singer-
- 480440 bc), also called ezra the scribe (hebrew : ???? ?????, ezra ha-sofer) and ezra the priest in the book of ezra. according to the
- in the nineteenth century, rabbi shlomo ganzfried published a manual for scribes called keset hasofer, in which he follows the rule that
- the building is located between the 'beit hasofer ' ('writer's house') and the jewish agency for israel nearby. category:buildings and
- straus, a discount clothing store, opened here in the 1980s, as did hasofer, a sofer stam and seller of tefillin , mezuzah s, and megillahs
- other polemical works written by levinsohn are 'a?iyyah shiloni ha-?ozeh' (leipsic, 1841) and 'ta'ar ha-sofer' (odessa, 1863). '
- this was a fortress to the south of (yemen 's) sana'a (kesseth hasofer). see 1 chronicles 18:10; zechariah 12:11.' http://bible.
- external links : org/8308 keset hasofer in hebrew. http://www. hasoferet. com/ritual/keset/kesetindex. shtml keset hasofer in english
- references: ganzfried, keset ha-sofer, ch. 16 http://www. hasoferet. com/ritual/keset/chapter16. shtml english translation . e.g. keset ha-sofer, ch.

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