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Rhamadan Rham`a*dan", n. See Ramadan., Ramadan Ram`a*dan", n. [Ar. ramad[=a]n, or ramaz[=a]n, properly, the hot month.] [Written also Ramadhan, Ramadzan, and Rhamadan.] 1. The ninth Mohammedan month. 2. The great annual fast of the Mohammedans, kept during daylight through the ninth month.

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- hamad?n or hamed?n (persian : ?????, old persian : ha?gmatana, ecbatana ) is the capital city of hamadan province of iran .
- other major cities of hamedan province are: hamadan , toyserkan , nahavand , malayer , asad abad , bahar , famenin , razan and kabudrahang
- hamadan county (??????? ?????) is a county in hamadan province in iran . the capital of the county is hamadan . at the 2006 census, the
- banu hamdan is a well known yemeni clan since the 1st millennium bce, it was mentioned in sabaic inscriptions as qayls of hashid , who
- between the eighth and twelfth centuries, with suffragan dioceses for dinawar , hamadan , nihawand and al-kuj (perhaps karaj d'abu dulaf ).
- the central district of hamadan county. (??? ????? ??????? ?????. is a district (bakhsh ) in hamadan county , hamadan province , iran .
- is a district (bakhsh ) in bahar county , hamadan province , iran . at the 2006 census, its population was 27,884, in 6,483 families the
- hamadan airport (??????? ?????) is an airport in hamadan , iran hdm , oihh. the significance of this airport is the unusual shape of the
- ali hamadan (??? ?????, also romanize d as ?l? hamad?n, ‘al? hamad?n, ‘?l? hamd?n, and ?l?hamd?n is a village in gol-e cheydar rural
- hamadan seljeh (????? ????, also romanize d as ?amad?n seljeh; also known as salijeh, seljeh-e yek, and soljeh-ye yek is a village in

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