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Government Gov"ern*ment, n. [F. gouvernement. See Govern.] 1. The act of governing; the exercise of authority; the administration of laws; control; direction; regulation; as, civil, church, or family government. 2. The mode of governing; the system of polity in a state; the established form of law. That free government which we have so dearly purchased, free commonwealth. --Milton. 3. The right or power of governing; authority. I here resign my government to thee. --Shak. 4. The person or persons authorized to administer the laws; the ruling power; the administration. When we, in England, speak of the government, we generally understand the ministers of the crown for the time being. --Mozley & W. 5. The body politic governed by one authority; a state; as, the governments of Europe. 6. Management of the limbs or body. --Shak. 7. (Gram.) The influence of a word in regard to construction, requiring that another word should be in a particular case.

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- a government is the system by which a state or community is governed in british english (and that of the commonwealth of nations ), a
- her majesty's government commonly referred to as hm government (hmg), the british government or whitehall (where most of its departments
- the government of the united states of america is the federal government of the republic of fifty states that constitute the united
- the united states of america were established all had local governments with elections open to most free men, with a growing devotion to the
- the government of india (goi), officially known as the union government, and also known as the central government, was established by the
- to ensure the stability of government, the governor general will usually appoint as prime minister the person who is the current leader of
- the hawke government floated the australian dollar in 1983 and partially deregulated the financial system the howard government followed
- the government of the commonwealth of australia, formerly her majesty's government, but also referred to as the australian government,
- branches of government: spain is a constitutional monarchy , with a hereditary monarch and a bicameral parliament , the cortes generales
- government and politics: politics of iran. file:seyyed ali khamenei. jpg , ali khamenei is the current supreme leader of iran . file:iran gov

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