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- gonimbrasia is a genus of moth s in the saturniidae family. species : gonimbrasia abayana (rougeot, 1977) gonimbrasia alcestris weymer, 1907
- gonimbrasia belina is a species of moth found in much of southern africa , whose large edible caterpillar , the mopani or mopane worm, is
- the zig-zag emperor silkmoth (gonimbrasia tyrrhea) is a moth of the saturniidae family. it is found in central and southern africa .
- gonimbrasia obscura butler, 1878 imbrasia convexa bouvier, 1927 imbrasia hebe maassen & weymer, 1885 bunaea mopsa walker, 1855 imbrasia obscura
- many species of saturniidae are a valuable food source for man in sub-saharan africa , examples being the mopane worm (gonimbrasia belina
- saturniidae : gonimbrasia alcestris (weymer, 1907) gonimbrasia anna (maassen & weymer, 1885) gonimbrasia belina (westwood, 1849)
- saturniidae : gonimbrasia anna (maassen & weymer, 1885) gonimbrasia belina (westwood, 1849) gonimbrasia bubo (bouvier, 1930) gonimbrasia
- saturniidae : gonimbrasia anna (maassen & weymer, 1885) gonimbrasia conradsi (rebel, 1906) gonimbrasia hoehnelii (rogenhofer, 1891)
- gonimbrasia gonimbrasia belina mopane moth , mopane worm. gynanisa heniocha imbrasia leucopteryx lobobunaea melanocera nudaurelia
- saturniidae : gonimbrasia belina (westwood, 1849) gonimbrasia congolensis bouvier, 1927 gonimbrasia osiris (druce, 1896) gonimbrasia

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