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- goatsbeard or goat's beard may refer to: aruncus , in the family rosaceae. tragopogon , in the family asteraceae. astilbe , some species of
- tragopogon, also known as salsify or goatsbeard, is a genus of flowering plant s in the sunflower family asteraceae that has over 140
- aruncus aethusifolius (dwarf goatsbeard or korean goatsbeard) has a restricted range, limited to korea. this variety appears in
- yellow salsify, yellow goat's beard, goat's beard, goatsbeard, common salsify, salsify) is a species of salsify native to southern and
- it is commonly known as purple or common salsify, oyster plant, vegetable oyster, jerusalem star goatsbeard or simply salsify (although
- recordid 346454, the causal agent of white blister disease on goatsbeard (tragopogon spp.). currently, also sunflower white blister rust
- favored foods of prelaying and brood-rearing greater sage-grouse hens in oregon are common dandelion (taraxacum officinale ), goatsbeard
- (nymphaea alba ),nymphaea candida ,asian goatsbeard (aruncus sylvestris ),globe-flower (trollius europaeus ),common sundew (drosera
- brotula multibarbata temminck & schlegel , 1846 (goatsbeard brotula) brotula ordwayi hildebrand & f. o. barton , 1949 (ordway's
- distinguishing marks: goatsbeard, a sad facial expression. the most famous feat: relieving himself of breakfast in a church. szopa

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