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- a generalization (or generalisation) of a concept is an extension of the concept to less-specific criteria. it is a foundational element
- in predicate logic , generalization (also universal generalization gen) is a valid inference rule . it states that if \vdash p(x) has
- multiplication of rational number s (fractions) and real number s is defined by systematic generalization of this basic idea.
- most of this article deals with linear combinations in the context of a vector space over a field , with some generalizations given at the
- cartographic generalization is the method whereby information is selected and represented on a map in a way that adapts to the scale of the
- generalization: initial conditions set for acquisition of a skill generalization can occur across people, places, and materials used for teaching.
- ctopic background. the old quantum theory is a collection of results from the years 1900–1925 which predate modern quantum mechanics .
- pseudoinverse , the moore-penrose pseudoinverse, sometimes referred to as 'the pseudoinverse' , moore–penrose pseudoinverse in mathematics
- by finding the right generalization, the proof became simpler while the conclusion became more general. in short, grothendieck applied a
- generalizations : much work have been done on the identity and its generalizations. approximately two dozens of mathematicians and

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