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Gallicism Gal"li*cism, n. [F. gallicisme.] A mode of speech peculiar to the French; a French idiom; also, in general, a French mode or custom.

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- in 1847, he earned a phd (doctorate work de rebus franco-gallicis saeculi xv). he then moved to heidelberg , and published in the liberal
- october 2011 as mentioned in endlicher's glossary of gallic names de nominibus gallicis, in which these words are translated into latin as flumen.
- latinis, italicis, gallicis et germanicis plerunque, per certos ordines digestae , publisher c froschoverus , place zurich , url http://www.
- a short gaulish-latin vocabulary (about 20 entries headed de nominib us gallicis) called 'endlicher’s glossary', is preserved in a 9th-
- he was also author of prose lucubrationes and perhaps of an epic poem on caesar’s gallic wars (pragmatia belli gallici). otto ribbeck
- 1533, morbi gallici novum ac utilissimum opusculum. 1535, liber de morbo gallico, dedicated to bernardo clesio 1536, de morbi gallici curandi
- grassi, niccolò: notizie storiche della provincia della carnia, udine, fratelli gallici alla fontana, 1782, viii+224 p. kruta, venceslas : i
- external links : year 1881 , title fungi gallici lecti a cl. viris p. brunaud, c.g. gillet, abb. letendre, a. malbranche, j. therry vel
- which included de natura, causis, symptomatis morbi gallici eiusque curatione combined deductive reasoning with observation and experiment.
- disceptatio super dignitate et magnitudine regnorum britannici et gallici habita ab utriusque oratoribus et legatis in concilio constantiensi.

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