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Fluent Flu"ent, n. 1. A current of water; a stream. [Obs.] 2. [Cf. F. fluente.] (Math.) A variable quantity, considered as increasing or diminishing; -- called, in the modern calculus, the function or integral.

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- function may refer to: function (biology), explaining why a feature survived selection. function (computer science), or subroutine, a portion
- in mathematics , the minkowski question mark function (or the slippery devil's staircase ), denoted by size 120% (x), is a function
- in mathematics , a function is a relation between a set of inputs and a set of permissible outputs with the property that each input is
- proteins perform a vast array of functions within living organisms, including catalyzing metabolic reactions , replicating dna ,
- in different programming languages a subroutine may be called a procedure, a function, a routine, a method , or a subprogram.
- is the scientific study of function date november 2013 in living systems this includes how organisms, organ systems, organs , cells , and
- in mathematics , a real-valued function f(x) defined on an interval is called convex (or convex downward or concave upward) if the line
- and elements of computer programs, that treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical function s and avoids state and mutable data.
- that all cells come from preexisting cells, that vital function s of an organism occur within cells, and that all cells contain the
- special functions are particular mathematical function s which have more or less established names and notations due to their importance in

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