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Frontispiece Fron"tis*piece, n. [F. frontispice, LL. frontispicium beginning, front of a church, fr. L. frons front + spicere, specere, to look at, view: cf. It. frontispizio. See Front and Spy.] The part which first meets the eye; as: (a) (Arch.) The principal front of a building. [Obs. or R.] (b) An ornamental figure or illustration fronting the first page, or titlepage, of a book; formerly, the titlepage itself.

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- frontispiece may refer to: book frontispiece , a decorative illustration facing a book's title page. frontispiece (architecture), the
- a frontispiece in books generally refers to a decorative or informative illustration facing a book's title page , being the verso opposite
- in architecture , a frontispiece is the combination of elements that frame and decorate the main, or front, door to a building.
- the architectural element , the landform , pediment (geology)date august 2013 date august 2013 file:frontons. png , common varieties of
- date may 2013 the professional wrestling tag team , hardy boyz image:hbtt1rev. jpg , cover of the revised edition of the tower treasure , the
- frontispiece of 1802 first edition. , ! also known as: , 'bowditch', publication number nine , ! purpose: , encyclopedia of navigation ,
- the droeshout portrait or droeshout engraving is a portrait of william shakespeare engraved by martin droeshout as the frontispiece for
- a vahalkada, known as a frontispiece in english, is a structure constructed joining a stupa at its four cardinal directions as a
- the ancient of days is the title of a design by william blake , originally published as the frontispiece to a 1794 work, europe a prophecy
- 1652) was an engraver who executed the frontispiece to the book dialogus d. urbani regi (or regii?), dated lübeck , 1652 sources

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