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Fourth Fourth, n. 1. One of four equal parts into which one whole may be divided; the quotient of a unit divided by four; one coming next in order after the third. 2. (Mus.) The interval of two tones and a semitone, embracing four diatonic degrees of the scale; the subdominant of any key. The Fourth, specifically, in the United States, the fourth day of July, the anniversary of the declaration of American independence; as, to celebrate the Fourth.

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- fourth or 4th can refer to: fourth, the ordinal number following third. one quarter, of independence day , celebrated on the fourth of july.
- on june 2, 1917, the fourth united states regulars ('fourth infantry arrived at the 'gettysburg camp for world war i recruiting (closed by
- it has been alleged date march 2013 that the regiment traces its lineage to the original fourth united states infantry, which was organized
- the fourth united states congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the united states federal government, consisting of the united
- the fourth amendment (amendment iv) to the united states constitution is the part of the bill of rights that prohibits unreasonable
- as the 1st cavalry regiment was the fourth oldest mounted regiment in terms of active service, it was redesignated as the 4th united
- these squadrons were destined to be the only usaf operational combat units to use the f-105b. the fourth squadron of the 4th tfw (the 333
- the paris arrondissement , the lyon arrondissement , 4th arrondissement of lyon name 4th arrondissement of paris , other_name , settlement
- html first aif order of battle 1914-1918: fourth division. http://www. diggerhistory. info/pages-battles/ww1/france/western_front.
- british 4th division , the 4th cavalry division , yeomanry mounted division date may 2011 date may 2011 unit_name 4th infantry division ,

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