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Find Find, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Found; p. pr. & vb. n. Finding.] [AS. findan; akin to D. vinden, OS. & OHG. findan, G. finden, Dan. finde, icel. & Sw. finna, Goth. fin?an; and perh. to L. petere to seek, Gr. ? to fall, Skr. pat to fall, fly, E. petition.] 1. To meet with, or light upon, accidentally; to gain the first sight or knowledge of, as of something new, or unknown; hence, to fall in with, as a person. Searching the window for a flint, I found This paper, thus sealed up. --Shak. In woods and forests thou art found. --Cowley. 2. To learn by experience or trial; to perceive; to experience; to discover by the intellect or the feelings; to detect; to feel. ``I find you passing gentle.' --Shak. The torrid zone is now found habitable. --Cowley. 3. To come upon by seeking; as, to find something lost. (a) To discover by sounding; as, to find bottom. (b) To discover by study or experiment direct to an object or end; as, water is found to be a compound substance. (c) To gain, as the object of desire or effort; as, to find leisure; to find means. (d) To attain to; to arrive at; to acquire. Seek, and ye shall find. --Matt. vii. 7. Every mountain now hath found a tongue. --Byron. 4. To provide for; to supply; to furnish; as, to find food for workemen; he finds his nephew in money. Wages [pounds]14 and all found. --London Times. Nothing a day and find yourself. --Dickens., Found Found, imp. & p. p. of Find., Found Found, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Founded; p. pr. & vb. n. Founding.] [F. fondre, L. fundere to found, pour.] To form by melting a metal, and pouring it into a mold; to cast. ``Whereof to found their engines.' --Milton., Found Found, n. A thin, single-cut file for combmakers., Found Found, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Founded; p. pr. & vb. n. Founding.] [F. fonder, L. fundare, fr. fundus bottom. See 1st Bottom, and cf. Founder, v. i., Fund.] 1. To lay the basis of; to set, or place, as on something solid, for support; to ground; to establish upon a basis, literal or figurative; to fix firmly. I had else been perfect, Whole as the marble, founded as the rock. --Shak. A man that all his time Hath founded his good fortunes on your love. --Shak. It fell not, for it was founded on a rock. --Matt. vii. 25. 2. To take the ffirst steps or measures in erecting or building up; to furnish the materials for beginning; to begin to raise; to originate; as, to found a college; to found a family. There they shall found Their government, and their great senate choose. --Milton. Syn: To base; ground; institute; establish; fix. See Predicate.

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- found may refer to: found (rossetti), an unfinished oil painting by dante gabriel rossetti. found (band), an experimental pop band from
- many successful companies including dell computers and facebook were founded this way. there are different types of bootstrapping:
- research has found that insects depend on native plants. environmental conditions : an ecosystem consists of interactions of plants, animals,
- found object originates from the french objet trouvé, describing art created from undisguised, but often modified, objects or products
- it is organized under the laws of the state of florida, where it was founded and initially based. it operates several online collaborative
- small yes name euclid , image scuola di atene 07. jpg , caption euclid in raphael 's school of athens , birth_date unknown , death_date
- the terms endemic and indigenous do not imply that an organism necessarily originated or evolved where it is found. native plant
- the letters were found in upper egypt at amarna , the modern name for the egyptian capital of akhetaten (el-amarna), founded by pharaoh
- that the more cost effective saliva testing could eventually replace some blood tests, as saliva contains 20% of the proteins found in blood
- the material that is eaten by foraging animals , forage file:grizzly bear foraging. jpg , grizzly bear (ursus arctos horribilis) mother and

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