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Fighting Fight"ing, a. 1. Qualified for war; fit for battle. An host of fighting men. --2 Chron. xxvi. 11. 2. Occupied in war; being the scene of a battle; as, a fighting field. --Pope. A fighting chance, one dependent upon the issue of a struggle. [Colloq.] Fighting crab (Zo["o]l.), the fiddler crab. Fighting fish (Zo["o]l.), a remarkably pugnacious East Indian fish (Betta pugnax), reared by the Siamese for spectacular fish fights.

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- combat or fighting is a purposeful violent conflict meant to weaken, establish dominance over, or kill the opposition, or to drive the
- its original word, in english , 'fighting' is used as an adjective or present participle , not as exclamation . but its use has changed
- a fighting game is a type of video game where the player controls an on-screen character and engages in close combat with an opponent.
- although most of the fighting had subsided by 1949, fighting continued until 1950. the commission estimates 86% of the civilians were
- fighting in ice hockey is an established tradition of professional play and including some notable individual fights although often a target of
- americans were involved in the fighting between britain and spain on the gulf coast and up the mississippi river—mostly on the british side.
- dog fighting is a type of blood sport , generally defined as pitting two game dogs against one another in a ring or a pit for the
- renewed fighting (june–july 2012): timeline of the syrian civil war (may–august 2012 following the houla massacre of 25 may 2012 and the
- pakistan, saudi arabia and china to support rebels fighting against the soviet-backed democratic republic of afghanistan in contrast to
- british and commonwealth forces contributed directly to the fighting on the eastern front through their service in the arctic convoys and

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