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Feminine Fem"i*nine, n. 1. A woman. [Obs. or Colloq.] They guide the feminines toward the palace. --Hakluyt. 2. (Gram.) Any one of those words which are the appellations of females, or which have the terminations usually found in such words; as, actress, songstress, abbess, executrix. There are but few true feminines in English. --Latham.

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- biologically-created factors this makes it distinct from the definition of the biological female sex as both men and women can exhibit feminine traits.
- common gender divisions include masculine and feminine; masculine, feminine and neuter; or animate and inanimate. in a few languages, the
- effeminacy describes traits in a human male that are more often associated with feminine nature, behaviour, mannerisms, style or gender
- feminine cultures, on the other hand, de?ne relatively overlapping social roles for the sexes, in which, in particular, men need not be
- see also: feminine side femininity gestation girl lactation male trans man trans woman woman womyn sources: ayers, donald m. english words from
- feminine ending, in grammatical gender , is the final syllable or suffixed letters that mark words as feminine. it can also refer to:
- a feminine rhyme is a rhyme that matches two or more syllables, usually at the end of respective lines, in which the final syllable or
- commonly co-exists with a full system of grammatical gender, where all nouns are assigned to classes such as masculine, feminine and neuter.
- or acknowledge a masculine (butch) or feminine (femme) identity with its associated traits, behaviors, styles, self-perception and so on.
- the nouns have three grammatical gender s masculine, feminine or neuter - and adjectives and pronouns are declined to match the gender

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