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Fail Fail, v. t. 1. To be wanting to; to be insufficient for; to disappoint; to desert. There shall not fail thee a man on the throne. --1 Kings ii. 4. 2. To miss of attaining; to lose. [R.] Though that seat of earthly bliss be failed. --Milton.

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- 'fail' is the name of a popular internet meme where users superimpose a caption, often the word 'fail' or 'epic fail', onto photos or short
- the lia fáil. (?l?i?? ?f??l?. meaning stone of destiny), not be be confused with the stone of scone , is a stone at the inauguration mound (an
- if the cva fails, the company is usually put into liquidation. one particular type of administration that is becoming more common is called
- the bridge failed because of poorly made cast iron, and the failure of the designer thomas bouch to consider wind loading on the bridge.
- file:fukushima i by digital globe. jpg , work new york times /ref file:atmospheric radiation to human. jpg , pathways from airborne
- some markets can fail due to the nature of the goods being exchanged. for instance, goods can display the attributes of public goods or
- the old fail monastery was nearby and robert burns connections are strong, including the bachelors' club museum. meaning of place-name
- fail monstery, occasionally known as failford abbey, had a dedication to 'saint mary and was located at fail (ns 42129 28654) on the bank
- usually fails economically when the market value of its asset s declines to a value that is less than the market value of its liabilities .
- reservoir , 1864 , south yorkshire , england , united kingdom , 244 , defective construction, small leak in wall grew until dam failed. ,

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