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Existence Ex*ist"ence, n. [Cf. F. existence.] 1. The state of existing or being; actual possession of being; continuance in being; as, the existence of body and of soul in union; the separate existence of the soul; immortal existence. The main object of our existence. --Lubbock. 2. Continued or repeated manifestation; occurrence, as of events of any kind; as, the existence of a calamity or of a state of war. The existence therefore, of a phenomenon, is but another word for its being perceived, or for the inferred possibility of perceiving it. --J. S. Mill. 3. That which exists; a being; a creature; an entity; as, living existences.

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- existence has been variously defined by sources. in common usage, it is the world one is aware or conscious of through one's sense s,
- argument s for and against the existence of god have been proposed by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and others for thousands of
- ontology is the philosophical study of the nature of being , becoming , existence , or reality , as well as the basic categories of being
- existence precedes essence: existence precedes essence. a central proposition of existentialism is that existence precedes essence , which
- being is an extremely broad concept encompassing objective and subjective features of reality and existence . anything that partakes in
- existence and uniqueness: although the issue of existence and uniqueness of solutions of ordinary differential equations has a very
- during the first four years of statehood, the country had to struggle for its existence, while simultaneously absorbing over 700,000
- the concept of hypostasis as the shared existence of spiritual or corporal entities has been used in a number of religious and intellectual
- in mathematics , an existence theorem is a theorem with a statement beginning 'there exist(s) ..', or more generally 'for all x, y
- 'existence' is the twenty-first episode and eighth season finale of the science fiction television series the x-files and 182nd episode

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