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Every Ev"er*y, a. & a. pron. [OE. everich, everilk; AS. ?fre ever + [ae]lc each. See Ever, each.] 1. All the parts which compose a whole collection or aggregate number, considered in their individuality, all taken separately one by one, out of an indefinite bumber. Every man at his best state is altogether vanity. --Ps. xxxix. 5. Every door and window was adorned with wreaths of flowers. --Macaulay. 2. Every one. Cf. Each. [Obs.] ``Every of your wishes.' --Shak. Daily occasions given to every of us. --Hooker. Every each, every one. [Obs.] ``Every each of them hath some vices.' --Burton.. Every now and then, at short intervals; occasionally; repeatedly; frequently. [Colloq.] Note: Every may, by way of emphasis, precede the article the with a superlative adjective; as, every, the least variation. --Locke. Syn: Every, Each, Any. Usage: Any denotes one, or some, taken indifferently from the individuals which compose a class. Every differs from each in giving less promonence to the selection of the individual. Each relates to two or more individuals of a class. It refers definitely to every one of them, denoting that they are considered separately, one by one, all being included; as, each soldier was receiving a dollar per day. Every relates to more than two and brings into greater prominence the notion that not one of all considered is excepted; as, every soldier was on service, except the cavalry, that is, all the soldiers, etc. In each division there were four pentecosties, in every pentecosty four enomoties, and of each enomoty there fought in the front rank four [soldiers]. --Jowett (Thucyd. ). If society is to be kept together and the children of Adam to be saved from setting up each for himself with every one else his foe. --J. H. Newman.

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- every may refer to: every (surname) (for people with the name every) suzuki every , a kei truck produced by japanese automaker suzuki
- in japan , the carry and every are kei car s but the suzuki every landy, the bigger version of every, had a longer hood for safety
- it expresses that a propositional function can be satisfied by every member of a domain of discourse . relation to every member of the domain.
- matthew king every (born december 4, 1983) is an american professional golfer who has played on the pga tour and nationwide tour .
- jpg , caption , image_size , background non_performing_personnel , alias alpha omega, ambush, the, archon, ecano, every, genetix, gobiman
- henry every, also evory or avery, (23 august 1659 after 1696), sometimes erroneously given as john avery. documents from every's time give
- every avenue is an american pop punk band from marysville, michigan , formed in 2003. the band consists of david ryan strauchman (vocals
- 'i'm every woman' is a hit song recorded by chaka khan in 1978. it was chaka khan's first hit outside of her recordings with funk band
- every night may refer to: ' 'every night' (song), a 1970 song by paul mccartney. every night (saturday looks good to me album), 2004
- 'every girl' (album version titled 'every girl in the world') is a song by rap group young money entertainment released as the first

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