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Note: In some parts of America, especially in New England, the name walnut is given to several species of hickory (Carya), and their fruit. Ash-leaved walnut, a tree (Juglans fraxinifolia), native in Transcaucasia. Black walnut, a North American tree (J. nigra) valuable for its purplish brown wood, which is extensively used in cabinetwork and for gunstocks. The nuts are thick-shelled, and nearly globular. English, or European, walnut, a tree (J. regia), native of Asia from the Caucasus to Japan, valuable for its timber and for its excellent nuts, which are also called Madeira nuts. Walnut brown, a deep warm brown color, like that of the heartwood of the black walnut. Walnut oil, oil extracted from walnut meats. It is used in cooking, making soap, etc. White walnut, a North American tree (J. cinerea), bearing long, oval, thick-shelled, oily nuts, commonly called butternuts. See Butternut., European Eu`ro*pe"an, a. [L. europeaus, Gr. ?, fr. Gr. ? (L. europa.)] Of or pertaining to Europe, or to its inhabitants. On the European plan, having rooms to let, and leaving it optional with guests whether they will take meals in the house; -- said of hotels. [U. S.], European Eu`ro*pe"an, n. A native or an inhabitant of Europe.

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- european may refer to: a person of any of the ethnic groups in europe relating to or characteristic of europe or its inhabitants
- europe the treaty of rome in 1957 established the european economic community between six western european states with the goal of a
- the european union (eu) is an economic and political union of member states that are located primarily - in europe the eu operates
- the european parliament (abbreviated as europarl or the ep) is the directly elected parliamentary institution of the european union (eu
- the ethnic groups in europe are the various ethnic groups that reside in the european ethnology is the field of anthropology focusing on
- the union of european football associations. (union des associations européennes de football. also referred to by its acronym uefa
- the pga european tour is an organization which operates the three leading men's professional golf tour s in europe : the elite european
- the european figure skating championships ('europeans') is an annual figure skating competition in which figure skaters compete for the
- the european space agency (esa) (french : agence spatiale européenne - ase; german : europäische weltraumorganisation) is an
- known simply as the champions league, and originally known as the european champion clubs' cup or european cup, is an annual continental

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