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Eternal E*ter"nal, n. 1. One of the appellations of God. Law whereby the Eternal himself doth work. --Hooker. 2. That which is endless and immortal. --Young.

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- eternal(s) or the eternal may refer to: eternity , an infinite amount of time, or a timeless state. immortality or eternal life
- the eternals are a fictional race of superhuman s in the marvel comics universe . they are described as an offshoot of the evolutionary
- eternal were an english r&b girl group formed in 1992. the initial line-up consisted of sisters easther and vernie bennett, kéllé bryan
- immortality is the ability to live forever, or eternal life biological forms have inherent limitations which medical interventions or
- some, such as aristotle, would say the same about the natural cosmos in regard to both past and future eternal duration, and like the
- eternal is the 28th album released by the isley brothers on dreamworks records on august 7, 2001. now popular again with audiences,
- eternal sins or unforgivable sins or unpardonable sins are part of christian hamartiology , which is the christian theology of sins .
- the eternals are a race of cosmic beings first introduced in the doctor who tv adventure enlightenment . one eternal who called himself
- monotheistic god , polytheistic gods , or an eternal cosmic animating force), interpenetrates every part of nature, but is not one with nature.
- eternal is a 2004 film about sixteenth-century countess elizabeth báthory 'repeating her crimes in modern day montreal. characters

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