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Eighth Eighth, a. [AS. eahto?a.] 1. Next in order after the seventh. 2. Consisting of one of eight equal divisions of a thing. Eighth note (Mus.), the eighth part of a whole note, or semibreve; a quaver., Eighth Eighth, n. 1. The quotient of a unit divided by eight; one of eight equal parts; an eighth part. 2. (Mus.) The interval of an octave.

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- an 'eighth' is a common measurement of marijuana , meaning an eighth of an ounce it is also a common unit of sale for psilocybin mushrooms
- the eighth air force (8 af) is a numbered air force of the united states air force global strike command (afgsc). it is headquartered
- the eighth united states congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the united states federal government, consisting of the united
- the eighth amendment (amendment viii) to the united states constitution is the part of the united states bill of rights (ratified
- the eighth continued in this training capacity until october 1940 and during this period participated in all major field exercises and
- eighth grade (called grade 8 in some regions) is a year of education in several nations. students are usually 13 14 years old.
- virginia's eighth congressional district is a u.s. congressional district in the commonwealth of virginia . the residents of the 8th
- date may 2011 unit_name 8th infantry regiment , image file:8 infantry regiment coa. png , 100px caption coat of arms , country , allegiance
- name 8th arrondissement of paris , other_name , settlement_type french municipal arrondissement , image_skyline champselyseesxmas.
- the seventh and eighth dynasties of ancient egypt (notated dynasties vii and viii) are often combined with dynasties ix , x and xi

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