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Early Ear"ly ([~e]r"l[y^]), adv. [OE. erli, erliche, AS. [=ae]rl[=i]ce; [=ae]r sooner + l[=i]c like. See Ere, and Like.] Soon; in good season; seasonably; betimes; as, come early. Those that me early shall find me. --Prov. viii. 17. You must wake and call me early. --Tennyson.

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- early may refer to: history. the beginning or oldest part of a defined historical period , as opposed to middle or late periods. e.g., early
- the early cretaceous (geochronological name) or the lower cretaceous (chronostratigraphic name), is the earlier or lower of the two major
- early bronze dynasties: in ancient egypt , the bronze age begins in the protodynastic period , c. 3150 bc. the archaic early bronze age of
- domestication of sheep and goats reached egypt from the near east possibly as early as 6,000 bc graeme barker states 'the first
- the early middle ages was the period of european history lasting from the 5th century to the 10th century. the early middle ages
- early christianity is the period of christianity preceding the first council of nicaea in 325. it is typically divided into the
- aristocracy, who traced their ancestry back to the early history of the roman kingdom, and the plebeians , the far more numerous citizen-commoners.
- in history , the early modern period of modern history follows the late middle ages of the post-classical era . although the
- the moss forests and bacteria l and algal mats of the silurian were joined early in the period by primitive rooted plant s that created
- no other early sees are documented, and the material remains of early church structures are far to seek the existence of a church in the

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