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Driven Driv"en, p. p. of Drive. Also adj. Driven well, a well made by driving a tube into the earth to an aqueous stratum; -- called also drive well.

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- driven is a 2001 action drama film directed by renny harlin and starring sylvester stallone , who also wrote and produced.
- image:this is batting. ogg , the basics of batting. in the sport of cricket , batting is the act or skill of hitting the cricket ball with a
- on a steam locomotive , a driving wheel is a powered wheel which is driven by the locomotive 's piston s (or turbine , in the case of a
- publicity for their steam-powered stanley locomobile if it were the first car to be driven up the 7.6-mile mount washington carriage road. ,
- 'if an external time dependent force is present, the harmonic oscillator is described as a driven oscillator. mechanical examples include
- the term in harness often is used to describe a horse being driven. styles: wherein a horse is driven without a cart by a handler walking
- in great britain, drove as a placename can be traced to the early 13th century, and there are records of cattle driven from wales to
- fighters were driven to southern lebanon to regroup. the enlarged plo presence in lebanon and the intensification of fighting on the
- wilder stretches of a river, rafts couldn't get through, so masses of individual logs were driven down the river like huge herds of cattle.
- driven was a motoring television programme launched by channel 4 in 1998 as a rival to the successful and long-running bbc series top

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