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Cordonnet Cor`don`net" (k?r`d?n`n?"), n. [F., dim. of cordon. See Cardon.] Doubled and twisted thread, made of coarse silk, and used for tassels, fringes, etc. --McElrath., Prima donna Pri"ma don"na; pl. E. Prima donnas, It. Prime Donne . [It., fr. primo, prima, the first + donna lady, mistress. See Prime, a., and Donna.] The first or chief female singer in an opera.

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- john donne (? , d , ? , n dun , ') (between 24 january and 19 june 1572 – 31 march 1631) was an english poet, satirist, lawyer and a cleric
- alfred françois donné (13 september 1801 – 1878) was a bacteriologist and a french doctor, born in noyon , france and died in paris .
- donne is a crater on mercury . it has a diameter of 88 kilometers its name was adopted by the international astronomical union in 1976.
- elena delle donne (born september 5, 1989) is an american professional basketball player with the chicago sky in the women's national
- sir gaven john donne post-noms kbe (8 may 1914 – 28 march 2010) was a new zealand-born former chief justice of samoa , niue , the cook
- sir daniel donne (or dunn) (died 1617) was an english jurist. life : he was the son of robert donne and descended from john dwnn of
- sir john donne (probably born in 1420s – 1503) was a welsh courtier, diplomat and soldier, a notable figure of the yorkist party.
- the concerto delle donne (lit. consort of ladies) was a group of professional female singers in the late renaissance court of ferrara ,
- donne trotter (born january 30, 1950 in cairo, illinois ) is a democratic member of the illinois senate , representing the 17th district
- name donne wall , image , position pitcher , birth_date 1967 , 7 , 11 , birth_place potosi , missouri , death_date , death_place , bats

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