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- division or divider may refer to: mathematics : division (mathematics), the inverse of multiplication. division algorithm , a method for
- a division is a large military unit or formation , usually consisting of between 10,000 and 30,000 soldiers. in most armies, a division
- bangladesh is divided into seven major administrative regions called divisions (bengali : ????? bibhag). each division is named after
- division i (d-i) is the highest level of intercollegiate athletics sanctioned by the national collegiate athletic association (ncaa) in
- the first division was a division of the football league between 1888 and 2004 and the highest tier in english football until the
- the regions were called divisions prior to august 2010 and five of them are named after their capital city, the exceptions being
- from 1892 until 1992, the football league second division was the second highest division overall in english football . league division one .
- an administrative division, subnational entity, geopolitical division, or country subdivision is a portion of a country or other political
- a division of a business or business division (sometimes called a business sector) is one of the large parts into which a business
- aldershot & district league division two 10 clubs anglian combination division three 18 clubs altrincham and district amateur

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