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- the divine praises or laudes divinae informally known as blessed be god is an 18th-century roman catholic expiatory prayer .
- (congregatio divinae providentiae; schwestern von der göttlichen vorsehung. is a catholic religious institute of women that was founded in
- in ancient rome , res divinae, singular res divina (latin for 'divine matters,' that is, the service of the gods), were the laws that
- nothing new was to be started, and no religious acts (res divinae ) performed. aulus gellius said that dies religiosi were to be
- under the pseudonym augustinus leblanc, he wrote the standard history historiae congregationum de auxiliis divinae gratiae of the
- around 1580, the italian painter scipione pulzone created a work titled 'mater divinae providentiae,' which depicted the blessed mother
- divinae institutiones (the divine institutes) ca. 303–311. fletcher, william, trans. http://www. newadvent. org/fathers/0701. htm the divine
- pulzone's mater divinae providentiae, painted around 1580, inspired the roman catholic cult of devotion to our lady of providence .
- like his uncle he devoted himself chiefly to philosophy, but made it subject to the bible, though in his treatises, de studio divinć et
- in the court of the byzantine emperor justinian i he is best known for his work on biblical exegesis , instituta regularia divinae legis.

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