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Display Dis*play", n. 1. An opening or unfolding; exhibition; manifestation. Having witnessed displays of his power and grace. --Trench. 2. Ostentatious show; exhibition for effect; parade. He died, as erring man should die, Without display, without parade. --Byron., Display Dis*play", v. i. To make a display; to act as one making a show or demonstration. --Shak.

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- display display (pts-dos only) : specifies display font. dos dos (dos 5.0 and dr dos 6.0 and higher; os/2---) : specifies whether to load
- display may refer to: technology : display device , output device for presentation of information. electronic visual display , output device for
- a liquid-crystal display (lcd) is a flat panel display , electronic visual display , or video display that uses the light modulating
- the display resolution of a digital television , computer monitor or display device is the number of distinct pixel s in each dimension
- a monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computer s. the monitor comprises the display device, circuitry and an
- a touchscreen is an electronic visual display that the user can control through simple or multi-touch gestures by touching the screen
- a display device is an output device for presentation of information in visual or tactile form (the latter used for example in tactile
- a video card (also called a video adapter, display card, graphics card, graphics board, display adapter or graphics adapter and sometimes
- crts have largely been superseded by newer display technologies such as lcd , plasma display , and oled , which have lower manufacturing
- the channels can also be displayed using a hyphen (such as 8-1) or a space, however on a led , a decimal point would not waste a whole

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