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- detonation involves a supersonic exothermic front accelerating through a medium that eventually drives a shock front propagating directly
- knocking (also called knock, detonation, spark knock, pinging or pinking) in spark-ignition internal combustion engine s occurs when
- detonation is a dutch melodic death metal band, with members from the netherlands and the united states . in recent years the band has
- experimental concepts or are physics experiments meant to gain fundamental knowledge of the processes and materials involved in nuclear detonations.
- special leaflet warning, in both cases because of the uncertainty of a successful detonation, and the wish to maximize psychological shock .
- the 2006 north korean nuclear test was the detonation of a nuclear device conducted by north korea on october 9, 2006. north korea
- detonation nanodiamond (dnd), often also called ultradispersed diamond (udd), is diamond that originates from a detonation .
- when a nuclear detonation occurs in air near sea level, much of the released energy interacts with the atmosphere and creates a shockwave
- this form of detonator is most commonly initiated using safety fuse , and used in non time-critical detonations i.e. conventional
- also, the geometry and density are expected to change during detonation since the remaining fission material is torn apart from the

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