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Describable De*scrib"a*ble, a. That can be described; capable of description., Describe De*scribe", v. i. To use the faculty of describing; to give a description; as, Milton describes with uncommon force and beauty., Describent De*scrib"ent, n. [L. describens, p. pr. of describere.] (Geom.) Same as Generatrix., Generatrix Gen`er*a"trix, n.; pl. L. Generatrices, E. Generatrixes. [L.] (Geom.) That which generates; the point, or the mathematical magnitude, which, by its motion, generates another magnitude, as a line, surface, or solid; -- called also describent., Describer De*scrib"er, n. One who describes., Indescribable In`de*scrib"a*ble, a. Incapable of being described. -- In`de*scrib"a*bly, adv., Indescribable In`de*scrib"a*ble, a. Incapable of being described. -- In`de*scrib"a*bly, adv., Misdescribe Mis`de*scribe", v. t. To describe wrongly.

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- george jackson and carlos the jackal ' to 'describ ing the relationship between struggling individuals and the machinery of oppressive politics
- artspartners describs the show thus: features a tour of our solar system in a story based on a popular television series. carmen sandiego
- external links : edu/hibbitts/describ. htm de-scribing law: performance in the constitution of legality (1996) http://faculty. law.
- cited 'an interfor brochure lodged with the court describ ing mr aviv as a retired major in israel's defence force who had participated
- stevenson describs him as a tall man, over six feet high, and broad in proportion, and he had a bluff, rough-and-ready face, all roughened
- after discovering that belphegor has a third human eye and realizing that its part of the riddle that describs how to kill him, and rips
- chronological: used for documents that involve a linear process, such as a step-by-step guide that describs how to accomplish something
- external links : ssf/2010/01/son_of_osama_bin_laden_describ. html , title son of osama bin laden describes brutal childhood , publisher
- in june 2008, ireland’s sunday business post cited hudson’s 1996 book, merchants of misery, for “describ ing, in great detail, how
- wardle 'first applies this label to pinter's work … describ ing pinter as one of 'several playwrights who have been tentatively lumped

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