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Derive De*rive", v. i. To flow; to have origin; to descend; to proceed; to be deduced. --Shak. Power from heaven Derives, and monarchs rule by gods appointed. --Prior.

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- in psychogeography , a dérive is an unplanned journey through a landscape, usually urban , on which the subtle aesthetic contours of the
- derive or derived may refer to: derive (computer algebra system), a commercial computer algebra system made by texas instruments
- the word etymology is derived from the greek etymon, meaning 'true sense' and the suffix -logia, denoting 'the study of. etymon is also used
- in linguistics , derivation is the process of forming a new word on the basis of an existing word, e.g. happiness and unhappy from happy,
- in chemistry , a derivative is a compound that is derived from a similar compound by some chemical or physical process. in the past it
- the resulting classes are known as derived classes, subclasses, or child classes. the relationships of classes through inheritance give
- corresponding proposition in the left-hand column is either an axiom, a hypothesis, or can be logically derived from previous propositions.
- the word derives from the three-letter arabic verbal root of ar , ?-?-? transl , ar , ala , j -h -d (ar , ala , jahada, 'struggle'): the
- a formal proof or derivation is a finite sequence of sentences (called well-formed formula s in the case of a formal language ) each of
- proof theory is a branch of mathematical logic that represents proof s as formal mathematical object s, facilitating their analysis by

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