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Derivable De*riv"a*ble, a. [From Derive.] That can be derived; obtainable by transmission; capable of being known by inference, as from premises or data; capable of being traced, as from a radical; as, income is derivable from various sources. All honor derivable upon me. --South. The exquisite pleasure derivable from the true and beautiful relations of domestic life. --H. G. Bell. The argument derivable from the doxologies. --J. H. Newman., Derivably De*riv"a*bly, adv. By derivation., Derival De*riv"al, n. Derivation. [R.] The derival of e from a. --Earle., Derivate Der"i*vate, a. [L. derivatus, p. p. of derivare. See Derive.] Derived; derivative. [R.] --H. Taylor. -- n. A thing derived; a derivative. [R.], Derivate Der"i*vate, v. t. To derive. [Obs.] --Huloet., Derivation Der`iva"tion, n. The formation of a word from its more original or radical elements; also, a statement of the origin and history of a word., Derivational Der`i*va"tion*al, a. Relating to derivation. --Earle., Derivative De*riv"a*tive, n. 1. That which is derived; anything obtained or deduced from another. 2. (Gram.) A word formed from another word, by a prefix or suffix, an internal modification, or some other change; a word which takes its origin from a root. 3. (Mus.) A chord, not fundamental, but obtained from another by inversion; or, vice versa, a ground tone or root implied in its harmonics in an actual chord. 4. (Med.) An agent which is adapted to produce a derivation (in the medical sense). 5. (Math.) A derived function; a function obtained from a given function by a certain algebraic process. Note: Except in the mode of derivation the derivative is the same as the differential coefficient. See Differential coefficient, under Differential. 6. (Chem.) A substance so related to another substance by modification or partial substitution as to be regarded as derived from it; thus, the amido compounds are derivatives of ammonia, and the hydrocarbons are derivatives of methane, benzene, etc., Derive De*rive", v. i. To flow; to have origin; to descend; to proceed; to be deduced. --Shak. Power from heaven Derives, and monarchs rule by gods appointed. --Prior., Derivement De*rive"ment, n. That which is derived; deduction; inference. [Obs.] I offer these derivements from these subjects. --W. Montagu., Deriver De*riv"er, n. One who derives., Misderive Mis`de*rive", v. t. 1. To turn or divert improperly; to misdirect. [Obs.] --Bp. Hall. 2. To derive erroneously., Subderivative Sub`de*riv"a*tive, n. A word derived from a derivative, and not directly from the root; as, ``friendliness' is a subderivative, being derived from ``friendly', which is in turn a derivative from ``friend.'

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- the trade information warehouse is a service offering of the depository trust & clearing corporation's deriv/ser, and is described by dtcc
- create or replace type deriv_type under base_type ( m number, overriding member function func return number);/as is the case with base
- protoplast, from the ancient greek ?????? (first) + verb ????? or ?????? (to mould: deriv. plastic), initially referred to the first
- image:cymserine_derivs. png , derivatives of cymserine references : category:butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors category:alkaloids category:
- net/10462/deriv/114375 , title g-aued airco aeroplane , publisher john oxley library, state library of queensland , accessdate 2008-05-13
- net/10462/deriv/6263 photo of walter hill's house in the brisbane city botanic gardens, taken about 1868 http://hdl. handle. net/10462/deriv/
- deriv/serv's customers include dealers and buy-side firms from 30 countries. in 2006, deriv/serv processed 2.6 million transactions.
- materials: net/10462/deriv/100110 here. if a ceiling was added, it was chiefly used for storage slab dwellings with a second storey were
- net/10462/deriv/129852 (image 67193), the unveiling of her memorial http://hdl. handle. net/10462/deriv/66024 (image 22232) and her memorial
- com/products/derivserv/suite/global_trade_repository_for_otc_derivs. php/ dtcc deriv/serv global trade repository for otc derivatives

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