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Define De*fine", v. i. To determine; to decide. [Obs.]

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- a definition is a statement that explains the meaning of a term (a word , phrase , or other set of symbol s the term to be defined is the
- for example, national geographic and virtually every other geographic authority and atlas define the source of the nile river not as lake
- christians, in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority, he defines a doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole church '.
- all procedures bound in a single letrec may refer to one another by name, as well as to values of variables defined earlier in the same
- the first c standard specified that the macro _stdc_ be defined to 1 if the implementation conforms to the iso standard and 0 otherwise,
- there have been many attempts at defining science fiction this is a list of definitions that have been offered by authors, editors, critics
- definition of relation symbols: called the defining axiom of r. if \psi is a formula of t'\, let \psi^\ast be the formula of t obtained from \
- see also the buddhist five precepts . the five precepts in taoism (c ??; pinyin : wu jie; cantonese : ng gye), constitute the basic code of
- daily contact lenses : 1-day acuvue define. 1-day acuvue for astigmatism. weekly contact lenses : acuvue. acuvue 2 acuvue 2 colours. acuvue advance
- in mathematics , an expression is well-defined if it is unambiguous and its objects are independent of their representative.

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