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- december. (audio en-us-december. ogg , d , i- , ' , s , ? , m , b , ?r di , sem , b?r is the twelfth and last month of the year in the
- imperial japanese navy against the united states naval base at pearl harbor , hawaii , on the morning of december 7, 1941 (december 8 in japan).
- the united kingdom general election of december 1910 was held from 3 to 19 december. it was the last british election to be held over
- with opening of the berlin wall in november, and ending in december 1991 with the splintering of the union of soviet socialist republics .
- december : december 1 channel tunnel workers from the united kingdom and france meet 40metres beneath the english channel seabed,
- december : december 1 a train crash at tattenham corner railway station leads to the introduction of the current drugs and alcohol policy
- december : december 1 the border security force is established in india as a special force to guard the borders. december 3
- december : december 3 un security council resolution 794 is unanimously passed, approving a coalition of united nations peacekeepers led by
- december: image:rian archive 848095 signing the agreement to eliminate the ussr and establish the commonwealth of independent states.
- december : december 1 carlos salinas de gortari takes office as president of mexico . december 2 benazir bhutto is sworn in as prime

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