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- a countertenor is a type of classical male singing voice whose vocal range is equivalent to that of the female contralto and mezzo-
- daniel taylor (born november 1969) is a canadian countertenor and early music specialist. life and career: daniel taylor completed his
- james thomas bowman cbe (born 6 november 1941) is a countertenor born in oxford , england . his career spans opera , oratorio ,
- william towers is an english countertenor . towers was a choral scholar at cambridge university , where he read english. he subsequently
- matthew white (born 1973 in ottawa , ontario ) is a canadian countertenor . career : matthew white graduated in english literature from
- david daniels (born 12 march 1966) is an american countertenor . youth: daniels was born in spartanburg, south carolina , the son of two
- peter giles is a countertenor and writer of scientific books about countertenors. later he sang with countertenor john whitworth (born 1921).
- iestyn davies (born 16 september 1979) is a british classical countertenor . education and background: davies was born in york , england and
- however, these men are more commonly referred to as countertenor s or sopranist s. the practice of referring to countertenors as 'male
- countertenor: countertenor. the term countertenor refers to the highest male voice. many countertenor singers perform roles originally

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