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Counselor Coun"sel*or (koun"s?l-?r), n. [Written also counsellor.] [OE. conseiler, F. conseiller, fr. L. consiliarius, fr. consilium counsel.] 1. One who counsels; an adviser. Can he that speaks with the tongue of an enemy be a good counselor, or no? --Shak. 2. A member of council; one appointed to advise a sovereign or chief magistrate. Note: [See under Consilor.] 3. One whose profession is to give advice in law, and manage causes for clients in court; a barrister. Good counselors lack no clients. --Shak.

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- counsell may refer to: craig counsell (born 1970), american baseball player. d'arcy argue counsell martin (18991992), ontario lawyer and
- craig john counsell (born august 21, 1970) is an american former major league baseball infielder . he played for five different teams
- date october 2011 date october 2011 the privy council of scotland was a body that advised the king . in the range of its functions the
- marilyn trenholme counsell, onb (born october 22, 1933) is a former canadian senator and lieutenant governor of new brunswick from 1997
- john counsell (born 22 october 1959 in wallaceburg, ontario ) is a canadian broadcaster and pastor . he began pastoring duties in 1981,
- late night counsell or lnc is a late night conservative talk show hosted by john counsell on the radio station cfra in ottawa , ontario
- francis hedley counsell fraia (14 may 1864 4 february 1933), always known as 'frank', was a south australia n architect known for
- henry james 'harry' counsell (10 april 1909 january 1990) was an english footballer who played as a defender. he made three appearances
- d'arcy argue counsell martin (october 23, 1898 june 7, 1992) was a canadian lawyer and political figure. he represented hamilton west
- oswold counsell stephens (18961980) was a notable new zealand teacher, chemist and potter. he was born in dunedin , new zealand in 1896

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