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Contact Con"tact, n. [L. contactus, fr. contingere, -tactum, to touch on all sides. See Contingent.] 1. A close union or junction of bodies; a touching or meeting. 2. (Geom.) The property of two curves, or surfaces, which meet, and at the point of meeting have a common direction. 3. (Mining) The plane between two adjacent bodies of dissimilar rock. --Raymond. Contact level, a delicate level so pivoted as to tilt when two parts of a measuring apparatus come into contact with each other; -- used in precise determinations of lengths and in the accurate graduation of instruments.

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- contact may refer to: social interaction : contact (social), a person who can offer help in achieving goals. contact (amateur radio)
- windows contacts is a contact manager that is included in windows vista , windows 7 and windows 8 . it replaced but retained most of the
- contact! is the second album by eiffel 65 , released in 2001. development and sound: work on the album originally began in may 2000, while
- contact is a 1997 american science fiction drama film , adapted from the carl sagan novel of the same name and directed by robert
- language contact occurs when two or more languages or varieties interact. the study of language contact is called contact linguistics.
- each set of contacts can be in one of two states: either 'closed' meaning the contacts are touching and electricity can flow between them
- the term contact sports is used in competitive activities and medical terminology to describe sport s in which players may directly or
- these include body language , eye contact , sign language , haptic communication ,and chronemics . other examples are media content such
- first contact is a common science fiction theme about the first meeting between humans and extraterrestrial life , or of any sentient
- contact mechanics is the study of the deformation of solids that touch each other at one or more points the physical and mathematical

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