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- constantinople. (?????????????????, ???????????????? – konstantinoúpolis, konstantinoúpoli; constantinopolis; ?????????, kostantiniyye
- the fall of constantinople. (?stanbul'un fethi; ????? ??? ?????????????????, el-latn , al?s? t?s k?nstantinoupol?s
- the ecumenical patriarch has been historically known as the greek patriarch of constantinople, as distinct from the armenian patriarch of
- the ecumenical patriarchate of constantinople. (grc , ???????????? ???????????? ??????????????????
- for nearly sixteen centuries following its reestablishment as constantinople in 330 ad, it served as the capital of four empires: the
- its capital city was constantinople (modern-day istanbul ), originally known as byzantium . initially the eastern half of the roman
- the first council of constantinople. (????????????????? konstantinoúpolis. was a council of christian bishops convened in constantinople
- the walls of constantinople are a series of defensive stone walls that have surrounded and protected the city of constantinople (today
- the sack of constantinople or siege of constantinople (also called the fourth crusade ) occurred in 1204; it destroyed parts of the capital
- this is a list of the byzantine emperors from the foundation of constantinople in 330 ad, which marks the conventional start of the east

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