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Comparable Com"pa*ra*ble, a. [L. comparabilis: cf. F. comparable.] Capable of being compared; worthy of comparison. There is no blessing of life comparable to the enjoyment of a discreet and virtuous friend. --Addison. -- Com"pa*ra*ble*ness, n. -- Com"pa*ra*bly, adv.

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- comparable may refer to: comparability , in mathematics. comparative , in grammar, a word that denotes the degree by which an entity has a
- file:map of countries by gdp (nominal) in us$.png , accessdate june 2, 2012/ref this article includes a list of countries in the world
- in mathematics , any two elements x and y of a set p that is partially ordered by a binary relation ? are comparable when either x ? y or
- two concepts or things are commensurable if they are measurable or comparable by a common standard. commensurability may refer to:
- comparable transactions is one of the conventional methods to value a company for sale. to look at similar or comparable transactions where
- in contrast, pay equity, in the canadian context, means that male-dominated occupations and female-dominated occupations of comparable
- valuation is a method of estimating the value of an asset by comparing it to the values assessed by the market for similar or comparable assets.
- the select committee to investigate tax-exempt foundations and comparable organizations was an investigative committee of the united
- in graph theory , a comparability graph is an undirected graph that connects pairs of elements that are comparable to each other in a
- comparables (or comps) is a real estate appraisal term referring to properties with characteristics that are similar to a subject property

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