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Chase Chase, v. i. To give chase; to hunt; as, to chase around after a doctor. [Colloq.], Chase Chase, n. [Cf. F. chasse, fr. chasser. See Chase, v.] 1. Vehement pursuit for the purpose of killing or capturing, as of an enemy, or game; an earnest seeking after any object greatly desired; the act or habit of hunting; a hunt. ``This mad chase of fame.' --Dryden. You see this chase is hotly followed. --Shak. 2. That which is pursued or hunted. Nay, Warwick, seek thee out some other chase, For I myself must hunt this deer to death. --Shak. 3. An open hunting ground to which game resorts, and which is private properly, thus differing from a forest, which is not private property, and from a park, which is inclosed. Sometimes written chace. [Eng.] 4. (Court Tennis) A division of the floor of a gallery, marked by a figure or otherwise; the spot where a ball falls, and between which and the dedans the adversary must drive his ball in order to gain a point. Chase gun (Naut.), a cannon placed at the bow or stern of an armed vessel, and used when pursuing an enemy, or in defending the vessel when pursued. Chase port (Naut.), a porthole from which a chase gun is fired. Stern chase (Naut.), a chase in which the pursuing vessel follows directly in the wake of the vessel pursued., Chase Chase, v. t. [A contraction of enchase.] 1. To ornament (a surface of metal) by embossing, cutting away parts, and the like. 2. To cut, so as to make a screw thread.

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