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Cannot Can"not [Can to be able + -not.] Am, is, or are, not able; -- written either as one word or two.

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- the negation of can is the single word cannot, only occasionally written separately as can not though cannot is preferred (as can not is
- the wind cannot read is a 1958 british drama film directed by ralph thomas and starring dirk bogarde , yoko tani , ronald lewis and
- cannot buy my soul: the songs of kev carmody is a 2007 compilation tribute album featuring various artists singing the songs of australian
- 'what i cannot change' is the title of a song written by darrell brown , and co-written and recorded by american country artist leann
- 'space they cannot touch' is the third single to be taken from kate miller-heidke 's debut album little eve like the second single, 'space
- cannot be saved is the third single by welsh rock band the automatic , taken from their third album tear the signs down . the single was
- alas, i cannot swim is the debut studio album of british folk singer-songwriter laura marling . the album was nominated for the 2008
- cannot live without you (?????) is a 2009 taiwanese film directed by leon dai , a professional taiwanese actor. it was his second film as
- the meeting place cannot be changed. (????? ??????? ???????? ??????. translit. mesto vstrechi izmenit nelzya) is a 1979 soviet 5-part
- american empire: the center cannot hold is the second book in the american empire alternate history series by harry turtledove .

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